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What Problems Can Cognitive Behaviour Therapy help?

New scientific studies of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy are emerging all the time. And even where research has yet to examine the effectiveness of psychological therapy for a particular problem, CBT principles have been generalised and applied to problems to fill the gap. The below list is at best a sampling of some of the problems to which Cognitive Behaviour Therapy has been, and is being, applied.

Anxiety Disorders / Anxiety Problems

* Panic Disorder * Agoraphobia * Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder * Specific Phobias * Social Phobia

* Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) * Separation Anxiety Disorder

* General life stress * Stress Management

Depressive Disorders

* Major Depressive Disorder * Dysthymia

* Bipolar Disorder (principally as an adjunct to medication to date)

Adjustment Disorders

* with anxiety * with depressed mood * with aggression

Anger Management

Pain Management

Eating Disorders

* Bulimia Nervosa * Anorexia Nervosa * Binge Eating

Personality Disorders

* Bulimia Nervosa * Anorexia Nervosa * Binge Eating

Dissociative Disorders

Sleep Disorders

* Insomnia * Night Terrors * Nightmares

Psychotic Disorders (usually in addition to medication)

* Schizphrenia * Schizoaffective Disorders * Other

Marriage / Couples Therapy

Childhood Disorders

* ADHD Behaviour Management

* Oppositional Defiant Disorder

* Conduct Disorder

* Childhood Anxiety

* Childhood Depression

* Autism / Aspergers Disorder

* Intellectual Disability

The links on the right of this page take you to some brief outlines of common CBT approaches to depression, anxiety, and some other problems.

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