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Sydney Therapists With Expertise in CBT

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A range of therapists provide Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

In Australia Clinical Psychologists have usually undertaken a masters degree or doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology which typically involves significant training, both academic and supervised practical training, in the use of CBT therapy for a range of psychological problems.

Some generalists psychologists have some training and experience in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. However the extent of this training varies greatly between generalist psychologists so it is worth making enquiries about the extent of their training, experience, and specialisation in CBT.

Some psychiatrists provide CBT therapy, but in practice their principal role is often to provide medication treatments. Also, some other medical practitioners and other allied health professionals (eg. social workers, occupational therapists) have postgraduate training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

The links on the right of this page take you to some brief outlines of common CBT approaches to depression, anxiety, and some other problems.

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